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Hey, how’s it going?  Thought I’d drop by with another quick and easy SEO tip about our favorite topic: Search Engines!


If you’ve read and followed the previous tips posted in this SEO Blog, by now you should have a nice, sparkly website filled with all kinds of original content.  Your Sitemap.xml file should also be in place, along with hopefully your first website submittal if you used the free Sitemap Generator tool we recommended.


If you didn’t see the recommendation, just click on the words “Fantastic Sitemap Generator” to get that little step taken care of ASAP.  Your website should be crawling with at least a few digital “spiders” at this point.


However, Search Engines are kind of like the average politician; very short memories when it comes to constituents….er, sorry….when it comes to websites.


And, considering the vast number of websites out on the Internet, it’s no wonder Search Engines can be a little forgetful.  So it’s a great idea to keep tapping them on the shoulder with your website.


Websites, especially new ones, should be submitted to all major Search Engines early and often.


Or at least the big three, anyway.  A lot of the lesser search engines out there actually get most of their information from Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Sort of like the rest of the school copying their papers off of the three smartest kids in the class.


Now here’s the deal with submitting your website:


The more you submit your website, the higher your chances are at getting most of your site pages indexed.  The recommended rule of thumb for submitting your website is around 3 to 5 times throughout the day, and about 2 to 3 times a week.  Anything more would be overkill.


Now it would obviously put a huge dent in time management if you had to submit your site to each and every search engine separately.  Luckily, this is not the case.


There is a very effective and easy to use online Search Engine Submission tool that we have found.  To use it and submit your website right away in a matter of minutes, just click on the words, “Search Engine Submissions“, and you’re well on your way to improving your search engine rankings.


This is also a great way to present the most up to date version of your site, particularly if you have content that changes on a regular basis.


Thanks for dropping by, and if you like what you see, don’t forget to leave us a comment.  You’ll get a free gift if you do.


Also, if you don’t like what you see for any reason, let us know that as well.  (And, yeah, we’ll still give you a nice gift for letting us know).


Like anything else in life, the worst kind of feedback is no feedback at all.


Next post, we’ll touch on the topic of linking!


See you in the Rankings!

Paul G. (Your SEO Guy)

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