So What the Heck is “SEO”?

Welcome to our new SEO Blog.  By now, if anyone has been a part of the Internet with a website for any length of time, odds are this little acronym has been tripped over at least once if not a few times.


Almost anyone who markets anything on the Internet has heard of SEO.  However, you would be shocked at the percentage of Website owners who have no idea what it means, or even if it is real.


To understand SEO, it helps to understand how search engines on the Internet work (and of course, by “search engines”, we mean Google).  Search engines basically refer to stored dynamic databases that collect pertinent information about all kinds of websites over a period of time.


Every time someone enters a search term or phrase, the search engines will query their databases to return the most relevant results.  The top website results returned get the most Internet exposure.


It is no accident that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and at its most basic level, SEO means finding ways to increase a website’s search engine ranking by optimizing the website’s appearance and original content.  From time to time, the question, “How’s your SERP doing?” may be asked of a website or blog owner.


Nope, it’s not some weird “How Ya Doin’?” question.


SERP stands for the Search Engine Result Pages that are returned whenever someone keys in a search word or phrase in search engines like Google or Bing.  The more eye-catching and original a person’s website is, the greater likelihood there is of being ranked higher in different search engine results. 


Human nature being what it is, if your site in certain search engines does not appear in at least the top three pages of any returned result based on popular search terms, then revenue based on organic traffic will be virtually nonexistent.


However, even if your website is not the best “flash-bang” site of the year this side of YouTube, with all the bells and whistles, no worries.  Some of the plainest looking sites out there that look like leftovers from the days of BBS (Bulletin Board Service for those of you who don’t remember the Internet Stone Age), tend to rank very high in search engine results thanks to a little detail known as “Original Content”. 


If your site provides enough relevant and original information on whatever your chosen topic is, your website will not only increase in search rankings, but in overall value as well.


In the coming days, we here at will post basic helpful and easy to understand tips and tricks to help increase the overall value of your website.  In the world of SEO rankings, little things do mean a lot.  We will recommend SEO options that are free to implement, and some that might require a bit of an advertising budget, but are all the more fantastic and effective.  In other words, well worth the investment.


Not to sound cliched, but with SEO strategies, the adage “You Get Out of Your Website What You Put Into It” is indeed the Golden Rule of Websites.  Even SEO tactics that are free to use still require an investment of a little time to implement.  And that’s part of why “” is here: To provide helpful strategies that any person can use to optimize their website or blog presence and value.


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Paul Griffin

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