Hey Buddy, Can Ya Spare a Link?

Hey there everyone, how’s it going out there in Internet Land!

(Yeah, yeah, I know…WAY too cheery for a workday.)


That’s OK, hopefully the information in this post will give you something to cheer about, or at least put a smile on your face.


Especially if you’re trying to figure out exactly how to get more quality backlinks to your site the right way.  Instead of paying some schmuck 5 or 10 bucks just to end up with 10,000 backlinks coming from underwater basket weaving websites in Timbuktu linking back to your site, that is.


(Our Apologies to all the underwater basket weavers in Timbuktu, by the way.  We’re sure your services are very valuable and probably merit at least a website or two out there.)


In our last post, we covered the importance of focusing on high quality backlinks and their relevance in getting your site ranked higher in search engine results.


This time, we’re going to provide a few safe no-nonsense tips on how to legitimately get those backlinks to help your site out.


That’s right, we’re going to…PUMP…Your Site Up!!!

(Just waiting for those SNL letters any minute now….)


For the sake of a quick example, we’re going to bring our buddy with the automotive blog site back.  (Insert your own niche here, folks).


Ok, so let’s say this guy, our car nut, has this fantastic automotive blog that’s been out on the Internet, and he’s also recommending some car models and publishing reviews like there’s no tomorrow.  On top of it, he also has some affiliate programs on his site offering a boatload of automotive products.


But, only 5 people are reading his blog after six months or so of being online.


The big question at this point:  How do I get more people to notice my blog?


Here’s where getting some quality backlinks from some really good websites will definitely be a major step in the right direction.


One obvious way would be for our automotive blogger to try to reach out to his loyal readers (all 5 of them) to see if they run any websites that are even remotely relevant to his blog.  If so, hopefully, he can get a couple of good backlinks this way.


Another way would be for him to join a few good online forums in his chosen niche, read through a few threads, and place a few insightful comments here and there.  Of course, when using this method to eventually attract like minded web owners, it’s prudent that he’s a member for a few weeks, at least, and that he posts regular comments that other people will enjoy reading before mentioning his website or blog later on.


Yep, laying the groundwork to get good quality links is very similar to laying the groundwork for good relationships as well.  Like everything else, it’s all about trust, and once people realize they can trust a person who is giving them good information, especially on the Internet, they’ll follow that person anywhere.


(Which can be kind of embarrassing after a few beers or so……but I digress…)


After a few weeks or so, our automotive blogging guy should be in contact with some website owners out there who are willing to link back to his blog.  Also, after a good buildup with some comments here and there, a lot of forums will let him kick off his own forum thread.


If the thread is led off with a good eye catching topic, so much the better!  Not only will this help increase traffic to his site, eventually; if his blog is also fantastic and informative, a lot more people will eventually start linking back to his site automatically without really having to ask them to do it.


This is why having quality content on your website is so important.  If the site is good enough, people will naturally start linking back to your site anyway.  This is called Organic or Natural Linking, and search engines love it when this kind of activity starts to happen for a website.


Just as in the Real World, the Digital Search Engine World recognizes the more natural referred links, or referrals, a site gets, the more that site is recognized as an authority site in its chosen field.


Another way our blogger can get some good backlinks is to look for some good quality websites on Google that are in the same field as his blog.  This is easy enough, just think of some good search terms or phrases to plug into Google, and pay attention to the top sites that pop up in the search results.


Most of these sites will have information somewhere on who to contact with regards to the companies these sites represent, or at least how to contact the website owner or webmaster.  Look over these sites very carefully.  Not only to make sure they’re legitimate (most will be), but also to familiarize yourself with the website content (VERY Important).


This way, when you make the request for a backlink to be posted on their site, you can stand out from all the other requests these folks get by professionally commenting on their site as well.


Some of these website owners get hammered every day with backlink requests, so think of your request in terms of sending a resume.  Make it short, eye catching, and informative.  Above all, mention how beneficial it would be for these website owners to link back to your site, and how linking back to your site will complement their site by association.


This method can get a bit tedious, and obviously not everyone will say “Oh Sure, No Problem”, but if you already have a good website, and the site is relevant to the other website owners you are contacting, then the hardest part should be deciding who to contact.  The rest should fall into place at that point.


Another good tip, speaking of getting referring links, is simply asking for referrals.  A big part of getting high quality backlinks to your site is networking.  Ask website owners who have already given you a link if they happen to know of other website owners who would be willing to link to your site.  Chances are good that they do, and if not, at least you asked.


Some sites may want to charge you for a link.  Unless these sites are really, really exceptional, (like opening the Golden Gates of Heaven, complete with the Angelic Choir, exceptional) try not to go down this route.  There are more than enough great sites out there that will be willing to link back to your site with no problem, once they actually know about your site, without charging you for the privilege.


And, not to sound like this post is running on some weird text loop, if your site has good, quality content….(Aw, you know….!!!), folks won’t ask you for money just to link to your site.


If you get just 1 – 5 quality links a day using any of these suggestions, you are well on your way to improving your organic traffic, and your organic rankings in search engine results.


And, the name of the game ultimately, is to get tons of real people looking at your fantastic website!


If any of you wonderful people out there who are reading this (thanks for reading, by the way) would like some more information on other ways to get quality backlinks to your site, please do not hesitate to email us at info@whatsyoursiteworth.com.  Or just click on the words, “Contact Whatsyoursiteworth.com“.


Just send us a little information about your website (or at least the URL), we’ll promptly tell you what we really think of it…..er, I mean……we’ll take a good look at it, and give you some excellent recommendations in detail about the best ways to get some great links for your particular site.


Also, the process can be time consuming to accomplish getting backlinks, so if you really are pressed for time, we can help you out there as well.


Shameless Plug Alert:  Helping website owners with obtaining backlinks is actually one of the professional website services we offer ;-)!  Let us know what your website is and what you would like to accomplish, and we’ll do all the leg work for you in getting great backlinks for your site.


There is a charge for this service, naturally, but through our free consultation, you will at the very least know the right path to take.  If you decide to let us do all the work for you, our prices are reasonable, and you will be directly investing in increasing the value of your website.


Ok, commercial’s over; back to the post.


Hopefully, we’ve cleared up some of the mystery regarding how to get backlinks the right way.  When asking for backlinks, wherever possible, try to ask for a “do follow” link.  This is exactly what it sounds like:  A link that anyone can click on and will take them right to your site.


Some website owners will give you a “no follow” link, which is simply a link to your site in text that is not clickable.  This is OK too, just keep in mind that no follow links are not as highly regarded by search engines as do follow links are.


However, every good link helps, and Google search engine algorithms actually look for a mix of do follow and no follow backlinks when evaluating a site.  A balance of both types of links going back to your site will look more natural to Google anyway, then just all of one type or the other.


Our next post will cover one more aspect of link building, since this is a huge topic.  THIS time, we’ll cover some of the more dangerous methods of backlinking that are out there, and what makes them so dangerous.


(Hint:  Here There be Pandas!)




Paul G. (Your SEO Guy)



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